ConsenSys Lab’s Hackathons & Micro-Grants for Start-Ups

From weekend project to full-time company

Before We Dive In, A Little About Relays…

Relays Hackathons By the Numbers

What’s Next For Us? Micro-Grants for Start-Ups

“We really loved your organizational support, the goal-oriented program hugely boosted up our motivation to keep working on Idle…”

— Matteo Pandolfi, co-founder, Idle

“The milestone-based grant funding + quantifiable results is a great idea. It really helps for people to know what the OKRs and KPIs are. Thanks for making my job as a leader easier!”

— Daniel Onggunhao, co-founder of Enable

How Relay’s Micro-Grants Work

…[By] pointing us to divide our goals into Technology, Product, and Business has been really helpful. Furthermore, your help on users’ research side has been fundamental and combined with Berlin Blockchain Week, it gave us useful insights from our users (specially on Idle next features).

— Matteo Pandolfi, co-founder, Idle



…likes thinking about making things.

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