Hard Questions for Your Next Start-Up to Answer 🤔

Enable.credit started with a user, Ines Widya Imanesti, and let that research shape both the product and the pitch.

The Questions

1. Technology

  • Why was this impossible before your product existed?
  • What’s the difficult problems your team is going to solve that no one else has done before?
  • What’s to stop well-funded competitors dropping a big bag of money on one of their teams to build this out? How are you protecting yourself from the competition?

2. The Product

  • Have you built/designed it with the end-user in mind?
  • Do they find it easier to use than current solutions?
  • Does it solve big enough problems in their lives to change their behavior?
  • How have you conducted customer validation?
  • What are some metrics that demonstrate customer validation?
  • What are some metrics that demonstrate growth?

3. Market

  • What is the market the company is playing in?
  • What is the market size (i.e. TAM) of the product and solution?
  • How have you conducted market validation?
  • Why is this problem critical to solve now?
  • What is your business model and how does it scale?
  • How will this company acquire their first 100 customers?
  • Do they already have customers?

4. The Team Building It

If there are 5 other teams working on the project, why is your team the team that they bet on?

  • Why does your team have unique insights into the market that nobody else does?
  • Why are your team especially efficient compared to other people working on it?
  • What advantages does this team have that no-one else can replicate?
  • Has the team previously worked together in the past?
  • Does the team composition have a balanced skillset?
  • What is the competitive advantage that this team brings to the table — both in terms of team and product?

Some Examples

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…likes thinking about making things.

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Zach Herring

Zach Herring

…likes thinking about making things.

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