Black Monday: Update Your Computer, Website, and Device drivers ASAP

One of the things that I am really passionate about is cyber security. Although my company at the surface is a marketing company, The Seo Queen’s parent company TSQ Marketing Inc, is really a Technology company.

Today it has been revealed that Researchers at the University of Belgium have discovered a way to completely defeat encryption that WPA2 provides on Wi-Fi Networks. This means that mobile phones, tablets, laptop, printers, routers, and workstations are vulnerable to hackers. This vulnerability means that attackers can decrypt WPA2 connections. This means when you are in public your laptop, tablet, or phone can be hacked. Your data can be read, or data put on your device. This is scary.

The list of vendors affected include: Android, Linux, Apple, Microsoft Windows, Linksys, Amazon, Cisco, and Net gear. Here is a link to all of the vendors affected.

Here are three recommendations to protect your devices from being compromised:

1) Get informed: This KRACK vulnerability is very important to ignore. You do not want to be sitting in Starbucks, emailing or talking on Facebook or conducting sensitive transactions and your device is hacked or tampered with.

2) Take Inventory and Create a List. You need to create a list of all of your devices with Wi-Fi. Do you have a Desktop workstation? A lap tops? A Mobile Phone? A Tablet? A home or an office router? Do you have any home automation devices? Do you have home assistant devices like NEST, Amazon Echo, or Google Home? Do you have a printer? Do you have any other device that uses Wi-Fi? Do you have any devices on the Internet of Things?

3) Update all drivers for all affected devices. Please make sure you visit your device’s website to get the latest information about when updates are rolling out. This is too important to leave to chance.

Please protect your routers and servers because website traffic is a terrible thing to waste.