An interview with Wild Fire’s Zack Sawyer: At the Lake House

Zack Sawyer by Icon Photography

Wild Fire, a band formed in Biloxi, Mississippi in 2015, has been rocking America for a while now. From original songs to covers of famous songs, they have been nailing it. You name it, they rock it. They announced a musical project a while back, and since we don’t get much closure from them, I decided to talk to pianist and vocalist Zack Sawyer about the band and the new music.

When I asked Sawyer about why the new “record” is taking so long and we haven’t gotten much updates, this is how he responded:

Well, truthfully we are changing our format. The songs are done and we love the music. It won’t be coming out as a record though. This took time and planning to come to this conclusion. The songs are all under wraps for now with the exception of our cover of Post Malone’s “I Fall Apart.” Once we get everything ready, you should be expecting a new Wild Fire release every month or two. We want there to be a consistent stream of new songs. We feel we can push each individual song better this way.

After Taylor Roberts stepped down as the guitarist, the band has reported a slight stylistic change: Zack Sawyer and bassist Tyler Voss have both reported that they will no longer be genre specific, meaning they will record whatever they want to without turning their musical ideas into side projects, so don’t be surprised about the Post Malone cover.

You might be asking “but what does this mean for the band? will they stop making rock music?” well, not exactly. According to Sawyer, this only means that there are things they can do now that they could not do in the past.

We haven’t left the old sound behind exactly. People who love music tend to love all kinds of music. We’re just showing off a different side to our musical interests. The hard rock is not gone. This was just something we had to do. […] It just means we’re going to do whatever we want with little to no regard for what we’ve done in the past. It means that we’re a rock band that can do anything. If I want to write an acoustic song, I will. A pop song, a rap song, a country song. It means this band will fulfill all of our musical endeavors instead of making side projects to fulfill those ideas. We’re still making rock music.

Basically, the band wants us to expect things that might not be so connected to their previous works. Different things like the Post Malone cover.

Sawyer reported that the new collection of songs is called “At the Lake House” and it will not come out as a record, the band has decided to release each of them independently, one each month or each two months. The songs will all be acoustic and there will be some rerecorded tracks of the beloved Revolt record, and a track called “Growing Older” from the Cathercist era. Sawyer spoke really enthusiastically about the new songs and he said that he’s really eager to reveal them to the fans when the time is right.

I asked him how they managed to finish the guitar parts for the remaining songs without Roberts around, and it appears that Sawyer has some hidden talents with the guitar: he took it upon himself to compose the guitar parts with their producer Matt LaPlant. They also made some changes to the parts Roberts composed. Luckily, they have found another guitarist to help them perform live and fill the space left by Roberts, his name is Wade Sigue. Sawyer reported that he has had a history with the new guitarist.

Not long after Roberts left, drummer Cameron Alidor also announced his departure via a Facebook post, saying that he decided to also step down as the drummer for the band to focus on other opportunities.

It’s been reported that Alidor left when Roberts did, but the announcement was delayed. Wild Fire is now looking for a drummer to replace Alidor. If you can drum as good as Alidor, you might want to contact them and see if they’re interested! Good luck.

“We love you. Stay tuned. Things are moving behind the scenes faster than you can imagine. It’s all so that when we bust back out playing live we can make as much noise as possible for the gulf coast. We will be back better than ever and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on.” — Zack Sawyer to Wild Fire fans

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