Usability Testing — HCDE 210

The test product — GE brand oven in Lander lounge

As a team, we conducted a usability test of an oven with three participants. We tested three functions we thought would be important for a typical use of oven, including delaying time, setting clock and baking. We split the testing up so that one person gives the instruction, one films and one take notes + time. We made sure the participants know that we are testing the product and not them and the atmosphere natural.

One problem we encountered is about adding up how many errors the participants made while trying to use the product. We had to come up with a more consistent way to track the mistakes. Some users made the same error multiple times; we decided to count all these as individual errors, which the rule applies to all the participants. This is a nice point that we should adopt in the future to make sure that our test results are consistent across all participants.

Preparing for the test

The project is very nice in that it allows us to experience how the designed products are tested. It is a great connection from our last sprint, in which we designed a product. I really enjoyed the team work component as well because it greatly exemplifies what the real world is like with HCDE. It is one more step to see the overview of designing and engineering and is definitely a rewarding one.

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