What Have You Learnt in the Past Months?

We started working on Journ in August 2015. Seven months were dedicated to making the app and another month working on a freelance project. It has been eight months of unemployment — two-thirds of a year.

I have had a flexible schedule. I have had free and easy days, and other crazy draining periods. I definitely wasn’t bumming around, although it sometimes feels that way because we haven’t had any result to show. So if I have been doing something, what is my greatest takeaway from the past months?

I learnt that what we know, or what we think we know, is always only the tip of the iceberg.

I’ve been learning — procedural learning, picking up hard skills, learning to deal with various stakeholders. And as you learn and become more knowledgeable, you will also discover your inadequacies. The more you know, you’ll realise the more you do not know.

It takes humility and reflection to recognise and accept these imperfections. As we trudge forward with our product and our lives, we aspire to and will become better but we will never be perfect.

Keep working at it, not to become perfect, but just to improve by that bit each time.