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It doesn’t matter how long you have been smoking cigarettes, how old you are, or what your overall state of health is. If you plan to quit smoking the benefits will be huge regardless of your situation. Quitting smoking is often described by people that go through it as one of the toughest undertakings, yet it is also often described as extremely rewarding. While many of the primary benefits to quitting smoking are health-related, some of them also relate to other aspects of your life such as your personal finances.

The Top 10 Benefits of Quitting Smoking

1. Your Heart Rate Will Become Lower

What most people will find shocking is that your heart rate will start to drop into a healthier range within 20 minutes after you quit smoking cigarettes. Your blood pressure will also drop into a healthier range as well within that same short time span. Within a full 24 hour period, your risk for having a heart attack will decrease by at least 30 percent or more.

Infographic: Quit Smoking Timeline by Quit With Nerd

2. You Will Save Loads of Money

Outside of the huge health benefits of quitting, one of the core benefits is the huge pile of cash you’ll save at the end of every calendar year. If you smoke 2–3 packs of cigarettes a day, which is not uncommon, you could save as much as a low five-figure sum each year. That’s the price of a high-quality used car.

3. Your Five Senses Will Sharpen

Most smokers are astonished to discover that once they quit all five of their senses dramatically sharpen. Your hearing, vision, taste, smell, and even your sense of touch will all begin to sharpen as your lungs and heart heal after you quit smoking. That means food will taste better, music will sound more enchanting, flowers will smell more fragrant.

4. The Health of Your Teeth, Gums, and Skin Will Improve

The moment you stop smoking, your skin, teeth, and gums will all begin to look noticeably healthier. The wrinkles in your skin will slowly begin to disappear as you stay better hydrated. The yellow film on your teeth will slowly begin to fade. Your gums will also begin to take on a healthier and more pinkish color.

5. Your Family’s Health Will Improve

Once you quit smoking you remove all possibility of contributing secondhand smoke to the breathing environment of your family. Recent studies published in Israel have proven that even tiny traces of second-hand smoke can have dramatically negative health consequences for your family members. Elderly people or young children are especially vulnerable to the damage caused by second-hand smoke.

6. Feel a Huge Sense of Accomplishment

Nothing feels better than making a massive change for the betterment of your physical health. By kicking a nasty habit that you’ve indulged in for many years or even decades, you will feel a huge sense of accomplishment that can motivate you to make other difficult but healthier lifestyle changes. Quitting smoking can propel you to accomplish other difficult goals in life.

7. You Lose Your Smokers Cough

As most of us know, smokers usually have a nasty cough that never seems to go away. It is particularly prevalent during the morning after a smoker has just woken up. A person that quits smoking will completely lose their smokers cough in 6–24 months, depending on how many cigarettes they smoked per day. The cough slowly disappears as the tiny hairs in the lungs known as cilia begin to regrow.

8. You Won’t Stink So Badly

Most smokers fail to realize just how terrible they smell to a non-smoker. The reason they are not aware of the cigarette smell is that they’ve become completely desensitized to it, especially if they have smoked cigarettes for a long period of time. The smell of cigarette smoke is also nearly impossible to get out of furniture, car interiors, carpet, and clothing.

9. Your Cancer Risk Rate Will Plummet

Did you know that after just five years of quitting your cancer risk rate will drop by over 50 percent? If that is not the best incentive to quit smoking then I do not know what is. Lung cancer, head and neck cancer, oral cancer, esophageal cancer, and pancreatic cancer rates are all significantly higher in smokers.

10. Your Immune System Health Will Greatly Improve

Nicotine and cigarette tar constantly flowing into your bloodstream can badly weaken your immune system. This damage is compounded over the years as you continue to smoke. Thankfully, within 24 hours of quitting smoking the overall health of your immune system will improve by 20 percent. Constantly damaging your immune system may introduce other types of non-smoking related diseases and illnesses.

More Benefits of Quitting:

Infographic: Health Benefits of Quitting by Quit With Nerd

Written by: Timothy L. Johnson

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