An incubator can change my startup life

The program helped us to bring our product to the market with strategic planning and invaluable guidance. It also brings us great opportunities to reach out to the people who might be interested in us, and continuously making connections.

From my perspective, the most different thing that I experienced in LAUNCH incubator program was the founder, Jason, who is willing to spend lots of time with us. Although, Jason is very busy as one of the most successful angel investor, but he is still willing to attend all of our group meetings and event sessions to share his real-world experiences. He teaches us how to pitch, how to design a product and focus on the most important things.

Throughout the program, I saw every company had huge improvement week by week; it was a positive pressure and competition between all the companies to learn from each other and fight for our own weakness.

LAUNCH incubator program and Jason really gave us all the great resources and attention. That is why I believe it was a valuable experience to be part of it.