IMAD — Week 2

In week 2, we’ll be setting up our development environment. This includes our operating system, version control and the most central part of this whole internship — local Hasura platform.

Operating System

Since we won’t be using any technology that has very stringent requirements regarding the OS, any will do!

That being said, there are pros & cons of each. In summary, setting up Linux systems is easiest, followed by Mac and then Windows.

I’ll be using Ubuntu 16.04.

Version Control

The most common version control system is Git, so we’ll be using that. Another popular option is Mercurial.

For Windows and Mac users, visit the official Git download page. For Linux users, check out the package manager command for your distribution here.

# old systems
sudo apt-get install git
# modern systems
sudo apt install git

If you are new to Git, I recommend these courses by Udacity:


What is Hasura, you ask?

Hasura is a batteries included platform for building and deploying powerful backends. Instant APIs for data, auth & file handling (powered by Postgres). Hasura helps you deploy your custom code written in any language/framework. Runs anywhere: your laptop, your VM, your cluster on the cloud.

Things you need for setting up Hasura:

The install process is a bit on the heavier side. To make the install process smooth, here’s a well documented instructions manual. Follow it to the word and everything will work just fine 👌.

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