Great things of music education ─ Keeping Score, by MTT and SFS

無意間在大愛2台看到MTT(Michael Tilson Thomas)指揮SFS(San Francisco Symphony)介紹馬勒(Mahler)的節目。心想,這是什麼?怎麼那麼棒?

立刻拿起手機邊看邊搜尋邊問人,總算找到了,Keeping Score (

它是由指揮家Michael Tilson Thomas與San Francisco Symphony製作,公共電視的電視系列節目,包含作曲家紀錄片、現場音樂會、互動網站、廣播節目、現場演出DVD、以及給中小學(K-12)的音樂教育計畫,讓不同年齡及音樂背景的人更容易接觸古典音樂。


Inadvertently see the TV program that Michael Tilson Thomas (MTT) conduct the San Francisco Symphony (SFS) to introduce Mahler. What’s this? Looks so great.

Immediately picked up the phone to google it, also asked friends on Line™, finally I found it, Keeping Score™. (

About Keeping Score™:Keeping Score provides innovative, thought-provoking classical music content on PBS television, the radio, the web, and through an education program, a national model for classroom arts integration for K-12 teachers.

After watched the Keeping Score™ of Mahler symphony №1, Shostakovich symphony №5, Stravinsky《The Rite of Spring》, and Beethoven symphony №3 《Eroica》on YouTube, I like the program so much. Through this program, the feelings and understanding of these music to me is more profound. Very recommend this program.

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