Critical reflection 4

Quote1: We educate for a number of reasons, and people have written about them since the first decades of the republic:to pass on traditions and knowledge,to prepare young for democratic life,to foster moral and intellectual growth,to enable individual and social economic prosperity(pg34).

Quote2:As the culture of testing we live in helps define achievement and the goal of schooling,it also has a effect on the way we think about ability(pg83).

Quote3:we have so little such detail in our national discussion of teaching,learning,or the very notion of public education itself. It has all become a contentious abstraction(pg201).

People want good education for many reasons.I think the democratic imagination is mean people are capable of conceiving what democracy is and working toward it. Education should be viewed not only as institutions that impart knowledge and skills to students,but also as a society that direct them to achieve their goals .Such as service-learning program,students may find deeper meaning in their lives by this experience. By service-learning program,students can reach out with different communities and cultivate responsibilities to serve more people. What's more ,this service may also come in the form of preparing students to be active citizens in their communities even countries. My service-learning program is called next generation scholar. We have students from elementary school to high school . However few of them have clear goals about where they want to go. Some of students take AP courses and are eager to go to the good university and I can really tell that many of them don’t like math but they have to do it. I think the challenge for education is that the culture of testing. Sometimes, the score has a effect on the way we think about quality. If you don’t have good GPA,you are not a good students.That is really cut off the connection between education and democracy. If a stduents is not good at Math or English,it is almost impossible for him to go to a good university in China. I know many students are not willing to learn math or writing and most people like us also had these experience when we were in elementary school. However,I’m very happy that everyone in Next generation scholar has a positive attitude even though they encounter some difficulties. I think it is really essential to their education and future lives.

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