Selfie Assignment

In the first selfie,it displays the picture of myself.From this picture,most people can tell I am Asian and Chinese. That's ture ! I was born in Beijing which is the capital of China and I had been living there for 15 years.After that,I went back to AnHui which is my hometown for high school . In my parents’ generation, they coundn’t afford to the tuition so both of them didn't go to high school. That’s why my parents regard my education as a most important part in their life. They also give me great support when I decided to go to America. For me,family is the incentive to make me become better.

In the second selfie, it features my socio-economic status. This picture was taken in a summer. My father took time from his busy schedule to go with us. We drove all the way from Beijing to Inner Mogolia. This is one of my happiest time in my life. My father is a business man,it is hard for him to find time to stay with us. He has to deal with everything in company and he doesn’t have time to relax even the festival comes. It’s hard to decide socio-economic status in China.I think my family is between middle and upper class. They really provide me with a good envionment for learning.

In the third selfie, it shows my gender. It’s no doubt that I am a male.This is the picture when my many good friends got together in WuXi. We came Wuxi from different cities just for our friednship. These friends are the best group in my life. We all know about each other’s secrets.Our friendship is over than seven years. They are really trust me when I want to do something which other people can not understand.In my parents’generation,there was no difference,my father still has many friends whom they know rach other more than 40 years.Friend is essential to me and my life.

In the forth selfie,actually I don't save any picture with my girlfriend because we have already broken up.So I choose the place which I firstly met her. I am the person who falls in love at first sight. I met my girlfriend at school which is totally different from my parents'generation.When they were at school,they never talked with opposite sex and their marriages were nearly decided by their parents. Now,my generation has more freedom to choose our love. However,my family rule is still strict,I can't date with a girl outside for more than five hours and I can’t stay outside overnight .

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