Kazakhstan is the 9th Country with Cheapest Mobile Internet

Analytical agency Content Review made a rating of countries with the cheapest mobile internet usage. How it became clear, mobile internet is cheaper rather than some developing countries.

Researchers analysed top-50 the countries by the GDP size for 2014. They estimated the cost of one gigabyte of a mobile internet traffic. Each country was represented by one operator whom analysts have counted as the leader in a segment of the mobile Internet. Kcell represented Kazakhstan.

The head of Content Review Sergey Polovnikov noted that since September 2015 many world operators had to reconsider the tariffs.

«China, Kazakhstan, Canada, Venezuela, Mexico and some other countries have faced devaluation of national currencies that has affected their positions in a rating. In Europe, operators planned to put in basic services of income loss from roaming cancellation,» he told.
The majority of these countries still use 3G internet service.

Kazakhstan has turned out to the ninth place with cost 759 tenges for gigabyte. Kazakhstan promoted four places ahead in the rating because of the devaluation of the national currency.

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