CDF Project 1

Effective Communication Design:

This booklet of instruction comes from IKEA’s package. It clearly tells the client how to build up the furniture step by step without a single word on the paper. People with different linguistic background all can easily understand it without using translator. The layout serves its purpose so well: first it tells you what kind of materials you would need, and what kind of screws the package offers, then it shows in which step you need to use what kind of tools and how, it also reminds people not to use wrong screws in certain types, and zooms in when a specific step is important. There aren’t many element lay on the paper like colors, textures, etc. But its main function is simply to give lucid instructions. In this situation, no redundant words or confusing diagrams is expected.

Ineffective Communication Design:

I captured this around Squirrel Hill area. This payment machine is not so easy to use for me because it doesn’t highlight the most important information, which I believe is the instruction. But on the center of machine the most outstanding part says “Enforcement Information…blahblah”, what seems less important than the instruction above it. Also, the layout of the plane could be arranged better, such as designed to follow the flow of the payment procedure. So far it is kind of messy to me. I was also confused by the Pay to Park info in the left bottom corner. It doesn’t tell me if I have to download to pay or if it’s only another option. The last thing is, most clients (like me) wouldn’t know what the 4 yellow buttons in the middle do. All the elements of this design are not arranged well to support each other for delivery the message.

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