How to delete apps from my simulator in Xcode 8?

Ok guys, I will try to post some articles in English from now on, this is to practice my writing skill and grammar, so please let me know if there is anything wrong. Thank you!

As title, when I tried to delete apps from the simulator, I found it’s not that easy as I used in a real iPhone. If you pressed the app icon that you want to delete on simulator, it just show a flash and nothing happened. Like this.

So, how to delete the apps from simulator?

Here are two ways to delete that I found from StackOverView, and I have recorded a gif for you. Let’s take a look.

  1. Press your app slightly

It would be a little tricky, you need you press the app with slightly pressure. It’s hard for me, therefore, I prefer the second method to delete.

2. Select [Hardware] > [Touch Pressure] and uncheck the item [Use Trackpad Force]

After applying this setting, you could just delete your apps by pressing.

Okay, thanks for your watching and all your comments will be appreciated.

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