The Escape of Slaves

SPLASH, SPLASH, SPLASH. GUG, GUG, GUG, GUG- gulls birds sound, SPLASH. There was a Captain named Captain Brandon Angeles. He lived on a boat named ,Gilbert Ship with his leader and some slave. The ship smelled very disgusting and smelled like a human or a animal died inside of that ship. Robert Hernandez was the ship leader. One day, Captain Brandon had some bread and water, he was scared and looked around the ship with owls eyes. He heard a sound from the end of the ship and he thought his leader was going to come. Then he started walking at the end of the ship where the slave’s where, he took bread and water and he gave it to the slaves. He gave the bread and the water to the slaves because he didn’t want the slaves to starve.

Captain Brandon didn’t supposed to do that because his leader didn’t let him or others and the they are slaves not a king to eat whatever they want. When Robert leader was going to the end of the ship he saw Captain Brandon coming out from there. Robert leader ask him “ what are you doing in there?” Captain Brandon answered “I was just looking the slave how are they doing.” While the slaves were eating the bread and the water, Robert leader saw them eating but he didn’t show himself to them. The leader of the ship was going to find out what the Captain Brandon gave the slaves food. He saw the captain giving food to the slaves. Robert Hernandez got angry and so mad to Brandon Angeles because Robert ( the leader of the ship) doesn’t want the slaves to eat anything.
“You are going to be a big criminal by cleaning all over the ship place.” yelled to the Captain Brandon by anger face and sweating.

“ NOOOOOOOOO, PLEASE MY LEADER, PLEASE EXCUSE ME PLEASE !!” Brandon Angeles yelled and shouted on the Gilbert Ship.

“ No, you need to take this criminal, and if you do this one more time your criminal will be more and more bad.” said Robert Hernandez with bad eyes to Brandon Captain.

After a few days Captain Brandon finished his job, and some of the slave were gone. One of the workers let the leader know er talked to Captain Brandon and the problem was solved, but they couldn’t find the slaves, which means the African slaves and Robert slaves planned to escape from the ship. 
They found the slaves by looking every placeses and they got shot by the arrow.

Robert, the leader of the ship slaves throw them, because they were haying from them to not cached up. The African slaves gave the plan to Robert leader slaves and they said, “Yes we will agree to this” but some of them said “No, that’s not right we will get criminal or they will kill”. After that all agreed and escape from the ship. The leaders slaves found them inside of a big and messy jungle when they were running. The jungle taste like very scary because it was very dark day and there were a lots of big and tall tress.

The African slaves and Robert slaves didn’t get any criminal because the Robert, leader of the ship saddened to them and he just leave them, but he still tell them to don’t do this any more.

And now the slaves were notest that there leader, Robert Hernandez is not really bad or mean to us unless if they do something wrong. He just don’t want the slaves escape his ship or leave him alone and also their Captain Brandon Angeles. But their Captain Brandon Angeles his very nice and friendly to them because he give them bread and water when he know the rules, they just notest this now.