Silvia’s Day 1

today, i took part in an activities called meetup. four invited speakers gave us a nice presentations about something that they like or are familiar to. topics were about the HIV self-tested, living code music, 365 days blog and the new sport frisbee. the most interesting part may be the introduction of frisbee which is totally strange to me. while the living code music is beyond my understanding. may be i could also start a 365 project!

meetup is an activity including speaches and discussion, but it is not for free. it takes 30rmb per person.

what is my feeling after this activity? a little bit excited, a little be frustrated and something i could not explain. i feel excited as this is my first time to participating it, which i could meet some friends and pratice my poor oral english. for the frustration, i feel a little bit uncomfortble, and shame for my social skill. i think that i need to improve my skill of asking questions.

all in all, it is an impressed experience.

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