How to Play Online Games with No Lag ?

There are usually two major porblems you may experience when you are playing games, one is bad lag and another is poor performance. Data takes time to travel from your computer, smart-phones and tablets to the server of game and back. There is no way to change the distance between your equipments and gaming servers, but you can still improve your game’s performance and get the best gaming experience by the following ways:

1. Clear the cache manually. If your game is stuttering or has a low frames per second, your hardware is likely not up to the task. Check whether it is caused by insufficient memory and clear the cache manually.

2. Close some network-hogging programs. Before playing your online game, make sure any bandwidth-chugging programs are closed because they will have a big impact on your in-game lag.

3. Use a game accelerator. Sometimes you’d better to consider using a game accelerator service.A game accelerator can help reduce high ping as there will be less hops between your equipments and the gaming servers. In many cases, it will protect your privacy information with short data transmission delay and higher data transfer rate.

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