Arson Barn Fire Leaves Race Track In Tragedy

Suspected arson fire left 15 horses dead and 10 left alive after a barn fire at Lincoln Downs Race Track in Springfield.

The day before the opening of racing season suspected arson in the barn containing 25 horses at Lincoln Downs Race Track in Springfield left 15 horses dead.

“The fire exploded near the center of the barn. Flames were shooting out of the building when we got here. This fire is definitely suspicious,” said Bernard Perry, Springfield fire chief.

Though 10 horses escaped, two stampeding through the barnyard with their backs on fire, 13 thoroughbred and two saddle horses died.

Of the entire wooden structure only rows of charred support beams remain after the blaze, an arson squad has been called to investigate the scene.

“Those are my best friends. I love horses more than people. I feel like I want to cry,” said jockey, Albert Ramos

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