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As an Australian viewing this debacle from a hemisphere away, I am speechlessly shaking my head at the notion that this could possibly be allowed to occur in a supposed Western “democracy”…it seems something more akin to a destruction of universal suffrage which you might find in a country creeping towards a tinpot dictatorship.

Living in a country with compulsory voting (that is, compulsory to turn up at a polling venue and have your name signed off…you are perfectly free to vote for no one at all if you wish while in the booth, as a secret ballot — but even so most do end up making a choice in the end) with over 98% voter turnout and a minimal incidence of informal voting, the thought that a large swathe of a specific demographic being prevented from excersing their democratic right just turns my stomach.

And not just in any Western country, but the sole nation on which collective world security of Western nations hinges…well unnerving doesn’t really cover it.