The city

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The technique of the film is that a series of fragments that build a whole.

The scenes are selected at the Town Hall including the church, QVB and Hyde Park. At the first camera shot, the camera is treated as my eyes quickly glance over the road for empathy engagement. Then, I show the church, QVB and Town Hall station with camera. The cars and people are travelling through buildings. And we can clearly see two classical architectures standing over there. The camera angle is parallel to the sight so that viewers would havean immersed sense. The thick bricks make the architectures model the style after proportion and restraint of Greek and Roman classical antiquity. And in another scene, the glass wall of Starbucks is giving the sense of modern art. A series of fragments is bulid a whole movie. The key thought is reflect the splendidly elegant European architecture style of buildings around Town Hall.

The film “Code unknown” directed by Micheal Haneke is also use the technique of a series of fragments that build a whole. He also the different parts of character’s story for different camera shots in order to make a whole story in the end.

Reference: Haneke, Michael — Code Unknown (2000)

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