Skiivr — Make your streets look good.

Doing things that matter has been always our ambition to build new ideas and help make our world a better place. Everyone has opinions to improve their neighborhoods — Volunteering and Self-satisfaction.

Skiivr aims to provide the best experience for keeping track of the roads conditions to assure better, safer, and cleaner streets for everyone who uses the road network.

How? Skiivr is a turn by turn navigation app to report and review any place where pothole, rough, flood, bump, snow or any kind of hazards can be found on public streets and roads. This is a new way to keep people posted on everything going on their streets to avoid roads with many reports and to report everything dab.

One can acquire everything in solitude, except character. — Stendahl

We’re still deep in the process of shaping Skiivr and want your feedback. We’ll be giving access to people in the coming weeks, so add your email here:

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