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Have you ever had a call center service experience that left you feeling more frustrated than when you first called? At Zibby, our goal is to ensure every customer and retailer service experience is a positive one and heading that mission is Renee Smith, Director of Service.

Renee has been providing excellent customer and retailer service for 21 years. She previously managed an escalation team, which gave her the understanding of how to work with frustrated customers, the difficult issues they were facing and how to quickly and effectively solve the problem. She currently leads a dynamic team that provides quality service, including bilingual support. You will often hear her say “No excuses, just solutions!”

Zibby’s Service team ensures that every question or issue is addressed and solved in a timely manner by assisting you directly, or connecting you with the person you need.

“2017’s mission is to improve training, processes and communication, to ensure an even better experience when calling in to Zibby.” -Renee Smith

Zibby can be reached by phone: (888) 391–9901, email:, or via chat on

Zibby Retailer services is available 7 days a week. Monday-Friday: 8am to 10pm EST. Saturday 10am to 8pm EST and Sunday 11am to 8pm EST.

Zibby Customer services is available 6 days a week. Monday-Friday: 8am to 7pm EST and Saturday: 10am to 3pm EST. Zibby is closed on Sunday for customers.