Creating a simple Console app of C# in Visual studio 2018

A console app is ideal for testing code snippets before adding them to big projects. I will be showing you how to create a “hello world” in Visual studio in this article.

So if you have Visual Studio 2017 installed on your computer you should be able to follow the steps along fine .

First type in “Visual Studio” on the “Windows Search Bar” . it should give the result click to open visual studio 2017 .

Picture 1

If you cant find the search bar you can do it manually by following the steps in picture:

Picture 2

After opening Visual Studio navigate to File > New > Project or simply press CTRL+ Shift+ N to bring out the “New Project” Initiation Window as shown in Picture 3.

Picture 3

Once open . Follow the Picture 4 for how to choose the “Console App” and giving it a Name and then choosing a directory.

Picture 4

After you have pressed “OK” You should see a screen closer to the one below .

Picture 5

Inside the Static Void Main (string [] args)

Type in :

Console.WriteLine(“Hello World ”) ;
Code snippet Should look like this

Press F5 on your keyboard .and visual studio will build and run your program. Which should produce an output in Console Like :


Congratulations you have made your first ConsoleApp. This should start you off.

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