What’s new in BAMP

One of the four Zichain modules — the Blockchain Asset Management Platform (BAMP) — was recently updated!

BAMP’s new features

  • The fully-functional BAMP now runs on any device and is compatible with any web browser, not only Chrome and Brave.
  • Fund managers can register without having to wait for the platform pre-approval.
  • Fund managers can pass the KYC procedure themselves without any manual approvals needed.
  • MVP testing procedure is simplified. Now investors automatically get a 5 ETH trial balance.
  • The blockchain connection has been stabilized.
  • The system performance was accelerated.
  • BAMP is now available in Chinese.

Сryptocurrency investors and fund managers are already savouring the benefits of the solution that provides all the tools necessary for managing their digital assets.

Why investors choose BAMP

Ease of becoming an investor

The platform makes it possible to start investing in cryptocurrency with no hassle and at a low cost. It’s easy: choose the fund, send money and track your real-time performance. The rest is left to professional fund managers.

Safe crypto investments

The blockchain-based infrastructure supports trustworthy relationships between an investor and a fund manager. The platform supervises and verifies a fund manager’s work and enables decentralized assets storage. Thus, any counterparty risk is minimized.

Investment options galore

BAMP is the place to look for the right investment strategy based on risk profile, diversification, tradeable digital assets and fees. Moreover, the platform hosts fund managers with expertise in index, hedge and algorithmic funds alike.

Why fund managers choose BAMP

Easy setup of crypto funds

Storage, trading, accounting and payment gateways — a complete infrastructure for cryptocurrency asset management is there for managers to launch their funds in minutes.

All-in-one crypto trading toolkit

BAMP automates portfolio management, allowing to purchase and sell digital assets with high precision and minimal slippage. What’s more, the platform provides institutional sub-accounts on all major exchanges, so there’s no need for fund managers to waste time on registrations and KYC.

Low customer acquisition costs

Well-reputed BAMP fund managers have a chance to be featured in the CryptoEYE rating almost for free. Furthermore, the price of placing a BAMP fund on the CryptoEYE marketplace of investment strategies is considerably lower compared to traditional marketing channels.

From the very start, we wanted our Asset Management Platform to become a space for a fruitful cooperation between investors and fund managers. And we will never stop perfecting it.