What it’s really like to work for a tech giant
Tom Mitchell

Tom Mitchell, this is great. This post was in a Medium email that somehow got stuck in my junk mail. I am not sure why I decided to save and read only this email and ditch the other 346. Great post, incredibly accurate and well written. I suspect this title should read “What it’s really like to work for a tech giant — as a millennial”. I could relate to this in my early years starting off in SV but the “rolling out of you single bed” caught my attention becuase I didn’t read anything that mentioned…”you try your best to get out of the house on time to make the bus before your two kids start crying and demanding milk refills and more Ereeos” (Cheerios from a 2 year old). You captured beautifully with the right dosage of humor, sarcasm and fear what it is like to work for a tech giant. I spent 13 years at Intel Corporation and I can say that although a good paycheck, benefits and sabbatical plan…it sucked more life out of me than injected into me. If you happen to read this, would like to connect with you to share an idea for me and a few other folks are hoping to help companies and their workfroces enhance the “daily grind” with some authentic inspiration and help people focus on personal development…NOT professional development or how to write more effective emails. Hit me up here or on Twitter @Christianzidi

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