The Common Theme of my Life

In listening to some good advice, I’m trying to focus in on the things I’m attracted to naturally. As Charlamange stated, (as he refers to his new book) don’t fight the current. If you are drawn to something throughout your life or if you just so happen to find yourself in certain types of places then that is the field you should be in. Hearing that made me take a survey of my life. In doing so, I spotted the common theme.

Other Worlds

Everything I love has to do with, in some way, another world. Long form stories. Space planets. Anime. One Punch Man came from someone’s mind. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Family is an impressionistic escape. Everything is other. That’s where I need to be.

It actually explains a lot. I’m making music in the form of the explaining the inexplicable. I’m writing stories that take you away. I design my world so that I can be taken away. So that I can embrace the inky nights in the hopes to conquer fears. And both of my loves bleed together.

My prose has always been musical. My music has always had a narrative. Talking about it puts my mind at ease. I have a wavering mind, and doubt has forever been my poison.

But upon reflection, I can confidently say that I’m on the right mission. I don’t know where I will gain my foothold. I don’t know when. I just have to be prepared.