Soar ‘till echoed to the Holy Throne

Open Heaven / River Wild, the Hillsong Worship’s 24th live album — recorded live on 2015 Hillsong Conference in Sydney

I started to love Hillsong worship at 18, when I’m on the turning point. And now I love it even more, I have bought couples of their albums. I’m not a person that spent money buy cds / albums, I prefer go to internet and download it, but this one (Hillsongs) is an exception.
I love the creation of new-style albums, from ZION to Empires, I love Taya Smith’s (the current Hillsongs’ worship leader) voice and her cool impression. The way they present the songs, makes me proud to be one God’s believer, makes me get motivated enough to praise HIS name.

And the picture above is the new album, it’s still on progress and they said it will be set worldwide later on October. The album’s title is Open Heaven / River Wild. Some of their songs were sung on this year Hillsong Conferences. You can find it on Youtube. here is some that I’ve found.

for you who haven’t heard any of the Empires album you can watch it on Hillsong United offical Youtube channel

Enjoy it! and be motivated