My Top11 essential tools I could not live without.
Tobias van Schneider

Thx for sharing Tobias

I’m using:

  • Omnifocus: ( for getting things done (on MacOSX, iOS)
  • Notebooks: ( for notes (MacOSX, iOS)
  • Omnifocus and Notebooks are my trusted system to work with (It’s completly synced with iOS devices and Mac and partly stored on my webdav cloud Synology)
  • Input App (iOS) : Quickentry in several systems (like trello, wunderlist, calendar) with app on iOS called Input (search for: input app iOS) .. so i don’t have to open different apps on the go
  • Drafts (iOS): every thought away from mac i put into Drafts (iOS App). Nice feature is using it for everything you want to write to down without thinking about the “right place” and then export it easily to other apps (like notebooks) with predefined workflows or build your own