Stop Being Hypocritical About Minimum Wage
Tyree Williams

Talk about a strawman argument. I don’t hear any politicians saying minimum wage earners are an underclass. Perhaps some facts? Two-thirds of minimum wage earners get a raise within a year, and get promoted faster and more frequently than higher wage earners. There are also many studies that show increasing minimum wage does not actually lift people out of poverty. And then there is proof that a higher minimum wage does force companies to cut jobs as well.

Beyond that, let’s do a thought experiment. If minimum wage is an effective way to reduce poverty, then why has it failed to do so in the 77 years we’ve had it? If a higher minimum wage is the answer, why not make it $25/hour so everyone takes home at least $50,000/year pre-tax? The arguments on why raising it to $25 isn’t feasible directly translate to why even raising it to $10 won’t solve anything. The problem isn’t low wages, the problem is underemployment and unemployment.