How might we increase independence for people with degenerative diseases.

My General Ideas
Most of my ideas were similar to what my group and I recently discussed in class, however with various alterations.

New Warm-Up Game
I brought my brainstorming group to Sociable Cider Works, were we drank hard ciders and generated ideas. However, prior to that, we played a game of bo bo ski watten totten. We then played ZIP ZAP ZOP as presented by HUGE. After we played a game which I generated. It was a simple rhyming game, in which one person says a word, then the next person has to say a word that rhymes. We all agreed that it was only fair if we chose words with fairly simple rhymes such as “Van” or “Rat” etc. There was also a point system in which the more syllables the rhyming word has, the more points you get.


Session Organization

Dan is a recent graduate of the architecture program at the U of M. He currently is one of my co-workers and is fairly unfamiliar with degenerative diseases.

Laurel is Hannah’s sister is quite familiar with degenerative diseases. She assists both her parents and Hannah in her care.

Lauren is one of my roommates, who is also relatively unfamiliar with most degenerative diseases. She currently works as a carpenter and frequently builds ramps, therefore she often works with people with physical limitations, thus giving her some relation to the topic.

Jessie, a student at the University of Minnesota unfortunately had to leave prior to this photo being taken. She has a Grandmother with Alzheimer’s and visits her frequently.

None of my participants knew each other, so I thought it only appropriate to go to “Sociable” Cider Works. We went on Monday, therefore it was not an overly crowded setting. We played ZIP ZAP ZOP, word ball, and my new rhyming game. My group generated 22 ideas, giving them a rate of .7333 IPM.

We generated ideas for 30 minutes.

Sorting and Voting


We first discussed the ideas, and decided that we each would have 3 votes for our favorites. We then dismissed 7 of those ideas, and re-voted with another 3 times, resulting in our top 10 ideas.

Top Ideas

As a group we decided that a wheelchair that has a stair feature would be the most useful product to design for this market.

Credit: Laurel
Credit: Jessie
Credit: Laurel
Credit: Dan
Credit: Dan
Credit: Lauren
Credit: Laurel
Credit: Jessie
Credit: Dan
Credit: Laurel
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