Fashion Brands are Trying to Connect With Gen Z

Generation Z Fashion

GEN Z a primer on their shopping and fashion habits. These are the group of people that are born between 1980 to 1990, currently, make up a quarter of the population. They have dominated media and marketing for the greater part of the last decade. Known for their love of social causes, social media, socialism and all other things ‘social,’ they are now the largest generation in the world. As such, these youngsters will be the ones with the buying power to dictate the trends of the future. So how do we connect with them? Here are four important takeaways our panel drummed up about the next generation of shoppers, trendsetters, and readers.

GEN Z fashion brands hoping to start a lifelong relationship, your first step should be to understand that they aren’t just mini-Millennials. 90% people of Gen Z watch YouTube daily, with many having intimate knowledge of, and emotional attachments to the platform’s fashion brands and retailers to be a part of that. Fashion retailers hoping to have success with Gen Z have to be present online 15 million posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram alone, suggesting Gen Z is taking this tag and running with it.

The 71 million members of gen Z are defined because the first generation of actually digital natives, born into an era in which the internet had already existed and was never a novelty. As a result, over the other generation, they’re drawn to the ephemeral nature of apps and pull away from owning product in favor of transaction. This has translated directly to how they make purchases; gen Z teenagers are a lot of frugal and money-conscious than their millennial counterparts. The spending power of this generation is estimated to be $44billion and is expected to grow at a faster rate in near future.