Osheaga Music Festival Interrupted Due to Weather

Montreal hasn’t officially been declared the “Music Festival Capital Of The World” but Montreal is a landing leading place for music festivals a town that sits halfway between the equator and the North Pole, it’s a pretty happening place.

Osheaga music festival is off to a rocky start. The festival kicked off yesterday (August 4) at the city’s Parc Jean-Drapeau and already the event was forced to be put on hold due to severe weather in the area.

Osheaga music festival Interrupted by Severe Weather as More Artists Cancel, Music festival issued a statement, informing festival that “We are currently experiencing severe weather conditions. The show schedule is temporarily interrupted.” Along with this notice, Environment Canada issued tornado warnings in.

Osheaga was put on hold due to heavy rain, everything was on schedule on time but due to bad weather music festival has been stopped for the while. This brings a bad news for music lovers who were eager to attend the festival and have spoiled their idea. The festival is on it’s not closed properly 5th August 2017 will be the day for music lovers.