week 2

Down by Law is a 1986 black-and-white independent film written and directed by Jim Jarmusch. Down by Law Opening sequence: pan shoot of the elevation of a New Orleans. I chose a small part of this film about the filming of the road, and the first perspective was driving car. I chose this because i liked the way it was taken, and we could gradually get it through the way the photographer used it. And quickly browse the street. In many movies, i think it’s a good way to draw attention to people’s attention and have better metabolism.Through my film, the speed of action in the car, and the rhythm of life in different areas, is a quick part of the movie. I think it’s some area near the center will make people have tight life style. so make some part quick or slowly can let people feel this different lifestyle.it’s a few streets on my way to school, some factories, some houses, apartment, even some writing buildings.some buliding unlike their architectural style, some of the old houses are memories of some times, compared with the new buildings, and are very distinctive. That makes it very diversified.These mix up, forming what we see now.

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