THE TECHNIQUE I CHOOSE — A cut out paper puzzle of the interiors of the city / and/ or an invisible architecture

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‘I don’t consider architecture as just a manmade environment; it should embrace nature,’ (Junya, 2017)Ishigami says.

Yes, at same as he said, the design need from environment, like his works, that almost from the natural, his studio make models prefer to use wood and papers, and his idea about have green-things.


Microsoft store in Sydney

‘Transparency is a fundamental part of architecture, but it’s also just one possibility in architecture I am interested in. Transparency is some kind of feeling of freedom, it’s not a physical thing. Another important aspect of transparency is the variation of the space and the style. Those two elements are important when I think about architecture and I intend to make them very rich for every person.’

First, when i star make a model i choose the Microsoft store, this store in the Sydney city, the architect use a lot of glass to build this, that way can easy to see what happen in, and this build also accord with Ishigami style.


This model made by Ishigami, use white board and white stick, this style focus more details in the model, so i get idea and choose same materials to make my models.


first week models
third models

First week i star to make the model, i choose use the bamboo and white board, because when i do some research, the Ishigami and his studio always use this materials to make model. cut out every loft from white board, and use bamboo stick through the board, to make the structure.

Second week focus on how to let my models look like prefect. i cut the board once and once, let this look very smooth, is not like first model is very rough. then i did not though board and change to use gum fixation both ends. actually this methods is not useful way to fixation, because this let the model not stable and secure. look at second photo, at the top have a stick already not secure.

The third one i change the structure. cut off some loft and make a 3 level in this building. and focus on details, add some big tables, the reason why i add these table is this is a shop need to sale, so big table is significant in the store. also use first way i try to through way to secure all structure, and careful to cut, let my l model look like smooth.


This model i get idea from ishigami, when i first look at the style about him, i kweêrt5now we need more building like him design.

Nowadays, the centre of city both is building, but they did not have life in these design, so i choose ishigami’s style to redesign the Microsoft store.

city need more green-things to let our like more fresh, so ishigami always design like this, he prefer to choose material that can give people more free feeling, i think this is people who live in city need.

about i design, i change it structure because i think more people come here and space is not enough , so i make two level in this, can add space for sale. make some planet in two sides, this is also get this idea from ishigami.

i make a rotate stairs, to link two floors, choose this way due to can give people more view in the store, and the Microsoft store choose the glass i guess also can give people more view for indoor or outdoor people.


Ishigami Junya, 2017, ‘ THE PERFORMERS: JUNYA ISHIGAMI ’ view 20, 5, 2017


Ishigami Junya, 2014, ‘Junya Ishigami: how small? how vast? how architecture grows’, view 10, 5, 2017.<>

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