7 Reasons Why We Need MORE Creatives and LESS Manufactured Goods

Artists and designers, from painters to woodworkers, may not be able to create everything, but they can certainly make most things. So why shouldn’t the majority of items be made by the majority of the people? Here are 6 reasons why we need more independent creatives and less massive manufacturers…

1. More originality
Unlike the decades before us, we are no longer limited by the selection or styles available at department stores. Online, there is not only a never-ending selection of goods to choose from, but there is also a niche market for just about anything, especially within the handmade market. Thanks to the internet, there are more one of a kind and low-run items available than ever before.

2. Custom made items
Rather than hunting forever for that perfect something, you can find an item that’s close enough to what you’re looking for and contact the artist directly to have one customized just for you. Try doing that with a large manufacturer or chain retail store.

3. Greater creative growth
The more artists there are, the more creation there is. The more creation there is, the more inspiration there is for artists to feed off of. As artists, we’re in this together to help the art world evolve and to raise the bar for future generations.

4. More conscious consumerism
The world is growing more and more aware of exactly what it is that they’re purchasing, and the background behind it. When better options present themselves, most people opt for them, especially when it’s just as easy to.

5. Less waste
A cheaply made product’s life expectancy is far less than its finely crafted and handmade counterpart. If you buy a cheaply made lamp and it breaks, chances are you would simply throw it away and buy a new one for less than the cost to fix it. However, if you’ve invested in a finely handcrafted lamp and it were to eventually break, chances are you’d value it enough to get it fixed, or at least pass it along to someone else who would value it.

6. Less expensive in the long-run
If you don’t have to replace cheaply made goods as often, the more expensive and better built designer option will end up paying for itself in time. Even if the initial cost is more, a long-lasting handmade item may end up being the cheaper option for you.

7. And finally, better job satisfaction
Making a living following your passion- what’s a better job than that?
Look around you, art is everywhere and a part of nearly every company in some form: from the design on your shower curtain, to the design on your toothpaste tube. An investment in buying something handmade isn’t just good for your wallet, but also for the economy and the many happy creatives making a living doing what they love.

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