💎Career development via ZIK profile💎

ZIK is a profile that replaces the traditional CV when it includes comprehensive and complete information from candidates’ CV with portfolio and implemented projects verified by ZIK team’s members, therefore boosting the transparency and reliability.

Candidates who create a ZIK profile on ZIKJOB will get tokens depending on the accuracy and completeness of the information they provide. The higher the completion rate and more accurate information they get, the more ZJS tokens they will receive. The number of ZJS received will vary from time to time and will be announced by the platform to community members.

👉👉Join the ZIK community to grow your career path and strengthen your network with people around the world of Metaverse today.

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Official Channels:
🌏 Website (https://zikjob.com/) |⏰ Twitter (https://twitter.com/zikjob) |🔥Telegram Channel (https://t.me/zikjob_channel) |🌳Telegram Group Global (https://t.me/zikjob_global_chat) |✨Fanpage (https://facebook.com/zikjob) |🔔Medium (https://medium.com/@zikjobglobal/) | 🎯 Discord (https://discord.gg/QqcT2Y4XST) |🔥CrypTown (https://coinmarketcap.com/cryptown/profile/zikjob?guid=80343698)



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Leave your footprint on the metaverse using blockchain-based profile.