Introducing Zikr Labs

Truth be told, Zikr was formed out of our passion for good design. We never envisioned this to be a commercial project (till much later). We were doing this for fun & to help our friends out. We have come a long way since then.

Also, we now spend a lot of our time thinking about the future. So, today we’re excited to announce Zikr Labs, our answer to the challenges of the future. Labs is a small, independent innovation unit operating within the agency trying to answer a simple question — What’s Next ? The humanity has progressed when we have pushed the boundaries & thought different. That’s what we plan to do. But why, you ask ?

1. We love what we do. And doing random experiments are so much fun. We are deeply pained to see badly-design websites. We spend a lot of our time online. And we really wish, we as humans, paid as much attention to creating digital designs as we do on designing buildings & all.

2. Sharing is good. We’ll be talking about our successes, failures, and experiences. We hope to contribute to advancing the industry we love. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be launching supporting feeds, a blog, and project pools for anyone to follow. We hope you do.

Again, everything we post/create here would be under creative commons. You’re free to use, edit & do whatever you wish to do. No catch, ever.

Signing off for now.

Image Source: Empire Media

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