Sms Verification Using Twilio Api on Laravel 5.6

In this short tutorial our objective is SMS VERIFCATION USING TWILIO API USING LARAVEL 5.6 where I will create RestApi for that, this blog is divided into:
1- twilio account setup
2- laravel project setup
3- database migration
4- Sms Routes, Model & Controller
5- Testing

1- twilio account setup

I am using twillio trial account. Once you create an account on Then Go to and get a free number after that in trial twilio account you have to verify receiver number, for that go to and add a your number and you will receive code on your number, just verify it.
Now from twilio you need three things
1- Account SID
2- Auth Token
3- Sender Number.

To get all these detail from single page, just go to

You can see some thing like this.

Here in my case

AC30e9b8a072f1c8f7e7b38082d131797a is my ACCOUNT SID
Preview AuthToken to get it. Also you can get sender number. In above screen, it is +17049819803.
Now we all get what we need from twilio.

2- laravel project setup

I am going to use my prebuild laravel project and I assume you know how to create new laravel project. Once you created a new laravel project. Go to your file directory

add the twilio sdk (using composer).

Install guzzle for Twilio Api Call

Add these configuration settings of Twilio in your .env file.

Now add below code in config/app.php to access the twilio configuration variables globally.

Here we are done with laravel installation setup. Now we are moving to database migration.

3- Database Migration

Simply create a new migration (your db must connected with laravel app)

In migration table

migrate it.

4- Sms Routes, Model & Controller

First I am going to make a model.

And my here I will create two method in this model, store and updateModel.

Now I will define two api routes, one for sending sms and second for verification.

Now add below routes in routes/api.php

Now create a controller with name SmsController and create three methods, store, sendSms and verifyNymber. This is the most technical part of this tutorial.

Create a controller

Now add libraries at top of controller

For good coding practice, I define two variables

and in constructor

store method is look like this.

sendSms Method is look like this

VerifyContact Method

Complete Controller Code

5- Testing

I am using postman for testing.

Testing send-sms route, and here is post request and response

Received sms message on my number

Lastly just verify it, for that we need to use verify-user route, here I receive CODE: 8037. let test it and use wrong code and see what response we get from api.

Now test on original code

BINGOO it is working :D

I hope you learn something from this tutorial, feel free to comment below if you have any query.

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