Preparing for ZilBingo’s Beta Test

Preparing for the beta launch was a lot more work than anticipated. This article will highlight the various challenges and how they were solved.

Creating A Community

The first step to preparing a beta test was building a small community of members that were supporting of the project. For this we first built a discord server (most used in crypto projects) and configured the various channels we would need to manage everything (FAQ, roadmap, support and more). We then focused on advertising the discord server on various socials as well as on the Zilliqa discord (with their permission).

In a few weeks we managed to get a small group of followers (roughly 20 users) that were active. this allowed us to do our first AMA (Ask Me anything) session to clear up any questions people had on the project.

Beta Tester Recruitment

To recruit beta tester we added incentives, the main one being free Bingo NFTs for every beta tester. This brings down the entry level of the platform as the beta testers will not need to buy cards to start playing the games.

We then created a google form to register Beta Tester applications where we asked the following information: Discord Username, Email, Desired Username, Zillliqa Address, Newsletter consent.

This allowed us to be able to create a list of people interested in the newsletter as well as get all the information needed for the beta tester and creating their account on the platform.

After advertising the form and the fact that users will get free NFTs we had a whopping 900+ applications on the the Registration form as well as on the discord.

Deploying the infrastructure

Since we have reached the quota of Beta tester applications we have started deploying the live architecture to the Zilliqa Mainnet as well as all the necessary component to be able to launch the beta.

We have however locked down some features in the beta for instance currently signups are disabled as the Beta is invite only.

Currently all the various components are nominal we even have all the metadata live for various bingo cards:

"name": "Bingo Card #362",
"resources": [
"uri": ""
"attributes": [
"trait_type": "Color",
"value": "maroon"
"trait_type": "Numbers",
"value": ",14,27,35,58,72,4,19,39,49,64,11,20,*,52,63,12,16,41,47,70,6,25,32,48,66,"
ZilBingo NFT

Final Tests

We are now launching final tests internally to make sure that all is ready for the beta so that everything will go smoothly. We are also adding a BETA badge for users participating in the beta that will be redeemable once the the end of testing. This will allow users to mint a BETA NFT with a unique look. Only 60 will be available.

BETA badge


For more information you can find us on





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