Moms of Valour

The other day I was contemplating(read cribbing) about the fact that how ginormous of a task is to bring up a child — especially for a mother.. Let’s just forget about the glorious moments for a minute and concentrate upon the everyday hardships it brings. I would describe it as the perpetual storm which hits our lives. These thoughts honestly took a U-turn after this soul-crushing ad about mums, which just gives us the glimpse of the enormity of struggle they have to go through everyday!

Being a mum of two boys, I always had a soft corner for mums, especially ones with the sick ones. This SickKids VS Momstrong campaign (developed by Cossette and released in April 2017) instills a new-found respect for all the brave mums out there. Usually such videos depict the little children as the superheroes(who truly are at the end of the day) battling every day with resilience and thirst for life. But this advertisement ruthlessly captures the true vulnerability, the raw emotions, the stab-in-the-chest kind of poignant sentiment which these mums have to live through incessantly.

The advertisement is based on five mums’ real life stories. There a few real mums in the advertisement and to tell you the truth, I was unable to tell apart the mums from the actors. The Cossette agency had left up to the real mums in regards to reliving their emotional lows for the ad.

It opens with a woman sobbing and shuddering with quick gulps of air. The screen then shifts to another woman sitting at the edge of the bed staring blankly at a stuffed elephant with a background of dark ominous music. Scene and music, then changes to a woman hunched over a pew, praying with a backdrop of ambient piano score. Then they show a woman sitting sternly in a chair, receiving instructions from a nurse on how to care for her sick infant. Later on the video shows a woman alone in car park sitting in a car screaming and pounding her arms and head on the steering wheel. The screen becomes inky and music goes silent.

Video comes to life with the soft murmur of a woman wiping her eyes and saying “Get up”. Music finds a lighter note. The ad continues showing woman gathering their strength, putting their game face on walking and taking deep breaths. In the concluding scenes children in their hospital beds, are shown in the arms of mums, giving them hugs, and planting firm kisses on their little foreheads with bright cheery smiles. In the final scene the screen, then entreats you “This Mothers day, help sick kids’ moms stay strong”.

This campaign has by far been the most successful campaign, providing a record breaking quarter (while the campaign was running) in the history of Sick Kids Foundation.This campaigns objective was to provide people opportunity to pay tribute to their own spirited indomitable moms by giving a unique Mothers day gift — a donation to Sick Kids Foundation which will help a woman with a sick child to soldier on. Furthermore, they have met their objective through delivery of a range of emotions while staying within the boundaries of authenticity and keeping the sanctity of motherhood. It indeed is the pivotal point of this commercial campaign and it has done complete justice to it.

In addition to this, this campaign has also been a wonderful reminder for other kids that Mothers day is a delightful occasion, but these children are missing out on celebrating it with their mums at home.

For me this impeccable illustration of raw emotions and incredible characterisation of mums as family matriarchs, has deeply tugged onto my heart …and I believe that this video has changed me into a different person altogether…