2005 Toyota Matrix 1.8L EFI Diagram

This is an INSTANT DOWNLOAD of 2005 Toyota Matrix 1.8L VVTi EFI Wiring Diagram (except the XRS model). This document will show all the wiring connections of the car computer (ecu) with the rest of the vehicle peripherals, including fuel injectors, ignition coils(s), other module(s), data links, all EFI related solenoids, relays, switches, fuses, motors and actuators. Great for troubleshooting problems associated with engine performance, finding short circuits or electrical problems or for modifying your car. Find out what connects where on the engine, know what pins of the ecu connects to that sensor you want to piggy back or trick to alter the engine response to it, know “where does that wire goes to”… uses are endless! This document is compressed in “zip” format for easier and faster delivery. Once you order the product, the download link will instantly be given to you and that link will be safely active in your account for 365 days. In case you loose it, you may freely download i