Recurring Payments are IN!

It is not like Zilra was the ‘first’ payment solution for International businesses. We started out near the end of 2015 and there were quite a handful that already existed. Wire transfers, PayPal, Transferwise are some of them. Zilra is all about ‘reducing the friction’ involved in receiving payments for businesses. We felt that finding work, completing the project in time, proper communication, etc. are more than enough problems for a freelancer to have. Getting paid shouldn’t be another pain.

Payments should be as seamless and frictionless as possible. And launching recurring payments is the most important step we have taken to get there. As of today (January the 8th, 2018), recurring payments are available for all our users. To receive a recurring payment, all you have to do is select the term and interval under ‘Recurring’ while creating an invoice.

How to send a recurring invoice on Zilra

If you want to receive, say, 6 monthly payments from a customer, select ‘Monthly’ and ‘6’ and we take care of the rest.

Your client will receive an email with button to pay for the invoice. While the client makes the payment, there is a checkbox that he/ she has to check if they agree to be automatically debited every month.

How payers agree for a recurring payment setup

If they check the box, we securely store the card/ account information. We automatically debit their payment instrument and credit your Zilra account every month. There is no action necessary on your or your client’s part.

We are more than eager to see the interesting businesses you are going to build with this feature. Subscription-based business models, monthly retainers for service-providers,.. the opportunities are endless. This feature is completely FREE for all our users. You only pay the 1.9% / 3.9% transaction fee that you pay for normal payments.

If you have any questions, you know you can always write to us at support(at)zilra(dot)co