Creating an app for testing PH levels

Ethan Zilz

Blog Post


I created an app for people measuring PH levels in the Seattle area. The beginning thought process was to sketch out the starting design of how the app would work. As I continued to work it became apparent that more and more screen would be needed. It wouldn’t be as simple as it had initially seemed. Though the app itself was fairly straightforward it would need several slights to convey its meaning. Sketching it out made the actual creation process much easier. I was able to work out kinks before I was able to create the final product on note cards.

Problems I encountered numbered many, however they often were of the same cause. Most were simple errors that took no more than seconds to fix. For example, I linked a slide to an incorrect page and got quite confused when testing out the app. However, I was able to fix the problem and get everything all straightened out. Seeing this process it showed me how much refinement is needed to create a professional product for users. It takes endless grinding to make sure it does what it needs and the users can enjoy it for it’s simplicity.

I personally found this project very rewarding. I personally got to see the app coming together. Each time I added a slide I was thrilled to see it become linked and able to be reached from the main app. In addition, this project was something I have never done or even thought of doing. It makes you take perspective and lets you see a side of things you never knew existed. For example, the idea of simplicity it greatly thought of when creating an app.

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