Los Angeles Mayor calls on public to use iWatch app in wake of terror threat

Specific terror threat on Universal City Red Line tip-off has everyone on the alert for suspicious objects Tuesday

Fighting terror in #Los Angeles cannot be left to the FBI and related authorities if the tip-off turns out to be credible. Because of this, the Mayor of Los Angeles has called for the public to use the #iWatch app in the wake of the #Terror threat. The specific terror threat which came in from a foreign source has resulted in security being beefed up citywide, but in particular on rail. Eyes and ears are so important and as commuters get out and about, it is important that they remain vigilant.

Los Angeles terror threat tip — Mayor speaks
Bomb threats are usually checked out and tips verified before the FBI and state security go to top alert, but there has just not been the time to decide or investigate the veracity of the called-in terror tip late on 5 December.

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