Thrill seeker Justin Casquejo climbing into trouble

Thrill seeking, promise-breaking teen could be well on the road to doing jail time — he is not a child any more

Screencap via Insider via Youtube

#Justin Casquejo the thrill seeker teen who climbed the centerpiece tower of the World Trade Center is #Climbing into trouble. The promise-breaking teen from New Jersey could be on the road to doing jail time. At 16, reckless and thrilling scaling of skyscrapers could be written off to the exuberance of youth and the inevitable misconception that young people live forever. However, when he turned himself into the Police this week for climbing buildings and scaffolding around Central Park, he was 19 years old. At 19, a young man is no longer considered to be a child and this time around, Casquejo might find the judge is not so understanding.

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