Your rebrand…heaven help us. Don’t do things like have everyone push a button that triggers a NEO logo reveal or whatever horse crap that was. It was gimmicky and cheesy and all around didn’t do anything to make anyone feel better about the team or the tech. It made you look like amateurs. Stop that. I think the share price dropped 10% at the exact moment you pressed those buttons. Don’t do gimmicky things.
Antshares / NEO: Tips for the Team
Jimmie Schrute

It may look amateurish to the western market but it seems completely normal for Asians to do this kind of stuff. Don’t judge Asians by western standards. They hardly even expected so many English people to watch at all, so why should they cater to the western viewers?

I do agree that they should market better to the west, but this paragraph is just unfair.

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