How to Invest During an Economic Downturn

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The global spread of the COVID-19 virus has been rapid and unprecedented. The effect of the ensuing pandemic has led to devastating outcomes, with the global economy projected to decline by 5.2% in 2020.

Having said that, the recovery in 2021, forecasted by the IMF, will be gradual.

On the local front, the yield on the once-cherished treasury bills has dropped as low as 3.50%, causing investors to act in a riskier manner. As they hunt for higher yield, they may be lured by unregulated investment companies who promise enormous and unreasonable returns on investments.

Can investors still earn returns during this economic decline?


This is where Zedcrest Investment Managers (ZIMVEST) come in.

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ZIMVEST is your foremost digital investment management platform. We combine digital innovation, financial tools with the unique expertise of our dedicated team of investment managers and wealth advisors to make wealth creation simpler, affordable, and accessible to everyone in order to transform their financial future.

We also offer our clients the best investment strategy by assessing a client’s financial situation, risk tolerance, and investment horizon to enable them to reach their financial goals.

Our investment strategies stem from the renowned expertise of the Zedcrest group in the global financial services and markets, evidenced by the leadership position of its brokerage business, Zedcap Partners, awarded the best brokerage service firm at the 2019 FMDQ G.O.L.D. Awards.

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Zedcap Partners wins Best Brokerage Firm

ZIMVEST offer investments in:

  • Naira and dollar-denominated fixed deposits,
  • Fixed-income investments (Interests rates between 6%- 9.67%),
  • FGN Corporate Bonds and Eurobonds,
  • Regular savings at a higher interest rate than the bank (6% upwards)

Ready to start Investing?

Zimvest can help you build an intelligent portfolio designed to meet your financial goals, minimize risk, and maximize rewards.

Click here to register or call us on

Invest now, future you will thank you!

Written by

SEC Licensed Digital Wealth Manager

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