Zinari Finance to Partner with P2P Exchanges in Africa

The Zinari vision is one of Decentralized Networks and processes. We strongly believe that crypto currencies should strive to maintain a huge degree of Independence, so as to avoid being overly regulated and over policed.

Hence, we are announcing our desire to work with p2p exchanges across Africa who wish to list our token on their platforms.

We are open to listing either as a means of payment or as a commodity on all p2p marketplaces and crypto ad listing platforms.

We understand how hard it is for Africans to purchase crypto due to laws, policies and market depth, so we are focusing on listing in these exchanges, so as to make it easier for everyone to buy Zinari Tokens.

How to Contact us

If you wish to list our token on your p2p exchange or even group, send us an email

We’d list you and direct our community to buy from you.

Best Regards




the crypto of borderless commerce

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the crypto of borderless commerce

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