ZinaX Token Update: Distribution, Specifications & Staking

Pool Information

  • 0.3 ZinaX is minted per block that means 0.1 ZinaX is minted every second
  • The Timed Pools control 50% of the rewards. The timed pools mean pools that have timer set. Would include Zina for ZinaX, ZinaX for ZinaX, ZinaX LP and ZINA LP tokens. The highest rewards are for long term stakers, who have their rewards autocompounded.
  • The Timeless Pools have 20% of the entire rewards. They refer to pools(like the current one) that do not have any timer attached. Would include Zina for ZinaX, ZinaX for ZinaX, ZinaX LP and ZINA LP tokens
  • The NFT Pools have 18% of the rewards. Meaning 18% of all the minted ZinaX goes to NFT holders
  • Burn gets 10% of rewards. 10% of all tokens minted go to the burn address.
  • 2% goes to Other Pool.
  • Tax Applies on Pools, but anti-whale doesn’t. You would recover the tax from staking.

ZinaX Distribution





the crypto of borderless commerce

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the crypto of borderless commerce

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